If you have never seen Orphan Black, please, do me a favor and go watch the brilliance that is Tatiana Maslany.

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'Clone Therapy' with Tatiana Maslany [x]

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Saturday’s a big night on BBC America.

It’s the SEASON FINALE of Orphan Black at 9/8cFollow the Orphan Black Tumblr and Orphan Black Twitter to watch the show along with us. (x)

At 10/9c is the premiere of Almost Royal. You can watch an episode right now on iTunesBBCAmerica.com and YouTube. Watch with us on Saturday by following the Almost Royal Tumblr and the Almost Royal Twitter. (x)

And at 11/10c watch a brand new episode of The Graham Norton Show with Samuel L. Jackson, Keira Knightley and musical guest Kasabian. (x)

We’ll see you on Saturday! 


[throws covers off the bed]


[jumps back under covers]



If I develop an arrhythmia, blame Orphan Black.


If I develop an arrhythmia, blame Orphan Black.

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My brother: wait, today is orphan black finale, isn’t it?




24 hours from now the OB finale would have just ended and our lives will be in shambles because we will have to wait 9 months to see our favorite clone seestras again and see what becomes of them. Maybe 1 or 2 people we love would have died that night maybe none, maybe we will be left on a string hanging on for dear life and the ballpit wil grow even more crowded than ever before and we will have to get a new ball pit.

Needless to say, I am not mentally prepared for this and I already feel the tears in my eyes.

Save Cosima, Save Alison. Save Sarah, Save Kira, Save Helena, Save Felix, Save Rachel, Save Delphine.

FFS Save Donnie

I just want everything to be ok! Im so [bleeping!] scared.


laughing about it


laughing about it

Oh ya know, just hanging out. Doing sciences.

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BACKSTAGE SPEECH - Tatiana Maslany at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Television Awards Press Room at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 19, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

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